Diana Carrión Márquez, Creator and Co - founder of Move & Bite

“I have always liked playing sports in general, until in 2020 I decided to try playing paddle tennis and since then, it has become my great passion. Today this sport is practiced by 65% ​​men, 35% women. More and more women are playing paddle tennis. I started training with a group of girls, playing games in different centers, signing up for “Americans”… and every time I heard more and more about the needs in clothing

After spending more than 10 years dedicated to Tourism and Hotel Management, at the end of 2020 I decided to change the direction of my life. I started two projects; "I volunteered in Uganda and since then, I wanted to be part of the NGO team (Volcop) as a coordinator and I started working on the Move & Bite project, your new favorite sportswear brand."

María José Lillo Puig, Strategist Financial Analyst and Co-founder of Move & Bite

"A couple of years ago I discovered the healing power that sport has on my mood, and since then I have become addicted to the well-known "endorphin effect." I really like running, from time to time I participate in popular races, and Above all, I like to do it in nature, although my daily routine doesn't let me do it too much.

Nowadays we live in an accelerated society, where you have to experience everything, do everything, and the faster the better. I believe that sport is essential to have a healthy balance and that is why I, personally, give it the priority it deserves.

I have been working in the financial department of a multinational for 6 years, and after a year of many questions about what direction my life should take, my friend Diana lovingly suggested that I take on this beautiful project and I did not waste the opportunity. Since then I have been combining two things. Well, all three; my job, Move & Bite, and sport."

Kirti Wadhwa, Co-founder and Digital Strategist at Move & Bite

"After studying Digital Marketing during my training in Tourist Accommodation Management, I launched my own Indian cooking channel, which after much error and trial made me recognize that the digital world is more complex than it is perceived.

From there, when I did a professional internship in the tourism sector, my supervisors directed me to deepen my knowledge in digital marketing until I had the possibility of continuing to grow with the team as a Digital Marketing Manager. An opportunity that has given me the opportunity to see and map for myself, what is behind the world of influencing and social networks, as well as the importance of successful positioning of a brand.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I am in charge of creating digital strategies that combine all relevant marketing channels and platforms, from SEO to paid media and content, turning it into a practical plan according to our products.

Two years ago, Diana was my internship supervisor at the Hotel, but unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to continue working together due to the pandemic. Grateful that our paths have crossed again and also to recover one of my passions, Badminton."

Gabriela Doi Grande, Designer of our Move & Bite collections

"Back in 1998 I started studying Design at FADU, in Buenos Aires. I was always passionate about the opportunity to create solutions to needs: design. I worked as such in several brands in Argentina, after many years I decided to launch my own brand there. The vicissitudes in that country are complex, so I wanted to come to Spain to try a new challenge.

Due to life reasons, I met Diana, an entrepreneur and passionate about her project. So I didn't hesitate to offer to give “a hand” and here I am! Being part of a great team of friends and collaborators who bet everything on not standing still."

We are a team, whose sports interests have united us. We share the same values; have balanced nutrition and sports, without giving up the small pleasures of life. We consider that the essential thing is to be flexible and honest with ourselves and create our own lifestyle.