There is no way back

Beginnings of Move & Bite, there is no turning back:

We will be brief, promise, although we are convinced that you will be left wanting more. You'll tell us.

We will tell you in 3 posts summarized everything we did in 2021.

At the end of each page of the blog, we will leave you a link so that you can "browse" the garment that we would like you to see.

If you don't click on that link (rare), I'm sure you'll be encouraged by the second one and if not, by the third (even weirder, just out of curiosity :-)).

And if it is necessary to write 222,222,222 posts, (which by the way, we are on sale 22% off, only 5 days left) for what, you realize that we have created the best sports clothing for you and for you, we will do it. Don't you believe it? We do , we have to have confidence in ourselves.

We launched our first collection!

After many months of work and effort, there is no greater satisfaction than telling you that our first collection is now available for sale on our website. We have learned a lot, we have laughed, we have cried, we have fallen into despair and we have gotten back up. With courage and desire, it is possible! A wonderful trip that we hope to repeat many more times. And here we are, to listen to all your feedback and requests

Thank you for being our inspiration!

How many jumps did it take to capture the perfect 9 o'clock jump? We leave you to guess.

July 23, Barcelona.

We open a new point of sale in Barcelona!

We are getting out. Not only have we just launched our first collection, but we have also obtained a sales corner in our favorite padel clothing store in Barcelona. It makes us especially happy to inform you that you can now try our clothes at Padelmania C/Vergós 58, 08017, Barcelona!

Thanks Sergi.

July 28, Barcelona.

Women's race sponsored by the Asturian Dairy Central.

We are witnessing the first shot of women's careers, in Valencia! It was very exciting to be able to participate again in the magnificent pink tide, which in addition to starting what would be a circuit throughout the peninsula, was what would be the return to in-person races! After a long period of running and competing alone, returning to the popular races where you get goosebumps with the excitement that you breathe was a true experience. Thank you Valencia and a thousand thanks collaborators!

Great full of happiness, you notice it, right?

September 11, Valencia.

Charity Paddle Tournament with the @asociacionedavantchicas for research into hereditary breast cancer at VHIO.

We were very happy to participate in this first tournament with the Endavant Girls Association that took place last weekend of September 17, 18 and 19 at the Sports La Pava sports center. Not only did we participate in the tournament and the drawing that was held, but also, 10% of our sales were allocated to the cause. From here we want to thank Luisa and the entire team behind it for bringing smiles together to support such a necessary cause.

We encourage you to get to know them and participate in all their tournaments!

First charity tournament and Diana walking the donkey for the first time (now we spin with her).

September 17, 18 and 19, Gavà (Barcelona)

We have warned you that you would be left wanting more, now we have to wait.

Ahh! the link with the garment that we want to show you.

Because? because it is the best-selling sports shirt, because there are few units left and they will be the last because they are LIMITED EDITION. The same thing is no longer available in your size.


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