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Spanish Olympic athlete specialized in long distance races

How did you start running?
I have always done sports, of all kinds. But it wasn't until I got to university that I had to leave my city's basketball team because I went to live in Barcelona. There I started doing athletics. I liked running and I didn't want to do a team sport.
Do you prefer to go out alone or with someone?
I think there are times for everything. I like to be accompanied, but I also enjoy running alone and thinking only about myself and my things.
They say that running means constantly challenging your own mind, what do you think about that?
In my case I think that body and mind unify and fight for the same thing. If you like what you do I don't think it has to be a big challenge.
Are you an early riser or do you prefer to leave it until the end of the day?
I am guided more by the outside temperature, I try to adapt my schedule. Although I often do double daily sessions, so I go morning and afternoon.
What do you like to listen? Music, a motivating podcast, your own mental noise, or are you more into enjoying the everyday noises that nature or the city gives you?
I never play music when I run. I need to listen to the noises of nature or be attentive and focused with my training.
We live in constant struggle for equality between men and women in the world.
sport. Do you consider that in athletics the treatment is fair for both sexes? What do you think is needed to continue breaking down those barriers?
I think it is one of the most egalitarian sports, although we continue to see headlines in the press that highlight the male champion and almost forget the female champion. From my point of view, the media are very important to continue breaking barriers and making women visible.
Do you think it is important to control good nutrition?
I think it is essential.
Favorite place to run?
I like to run everywhere I go, whether it's a secondary road, a running track, or a path through forests or meadows.
Tell us the secret, what is your trick when you are competing and your head alarms you that it can't take any more? We promise not to copy you :-)
Think about all the training you did to get to the day of the
competition. If you have complied with the training plan, the competition is “easy”.
Any dream to fulfill?
Continue enjoying high-level athletics for many more years.
What would you say to all those people who think running is boring?
Let him try it, but not just for a day or a week. I think that if they manage to link two or three weeks of continuous running they will begin to change their minds.
And to someone who is starting?
Don't be discouraged if at first it seems like it's hard, it's a long-distance race, where the important thing is continuity and enjoying the journey.
A phrase or person that inspires you.
The philosophy of enjoying the road.
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Interview with Marta Galimany (@marta_galimany), October 2021


Me quedo con lo de disfrutar del camino. Siento una gran admiración hacia todos aquellos que dedicáis vuestra vida al deporte, sirviéndonos de ejemplo e inspiración a todos, cada vez que se me presente un reto en la vida os tendré en mente. Muchas gracias por compartirlo!

Pepa October 04, 2021

Gracias por compartir tus motivaciones y desvelarnos el secreto de tu éxito ;-)

Diana October 04, 2021

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