Move & Bite was born from our passion for sports and after detecting needs in women's sports clothing.

How do we detect them?

Through an opinion survey on sportswear that was launched among 100 women who play paddle tennis and practice other sports (we take this opportunity to thank you for being our inspiration for the creation of Move & Bite).

Our garments have highly crafted qualities, with elegant designs that enhance the shape of the body and also have a super soft touch. They are garments that allow you great flexibility and are especially comfortable and adaptable to your sports.

Through our networks, we have been asking you what sport you practice and your answers were very varied. That is why we wanted to adapt our garments to your favorite sports, from paddle tennis and high-impact training such as running and CrossFit, to yoga, fitness and Zumba.

You can also personalize your garment by choosing “with or without pocket” to adapt it to paddle tennis or any use you want to give it. We know you've developed your own techniques for storing your balls, but once you try this pocket, you won't stop using it!

And now... men's sportswear too?

Well yes.

If we want to promote gender equality, why create clothes just for us? YOU ALSO HAVE YOUR NEEDS IN SPORTS CLOTHING.

Among our sales we have something that we did not expect. Curious men interested in our brand!

You excitedly explained your clothing needs to us and that is how our first sales of “garments cataloged for women” to the male gender were made. That is why currently, we have UNISEX clothing and we have expanded to a new men's line for you.