How to do things well?

We want to do things well, how?

Proving it to you.

There are numerous sportswear brands. So, why buy our clothes?

Well, for many reasons, but we are going to give you just one because you won't need more.

Because our priority is your well-being. You know that feeling when you try on clothes that seem like they were made perfect for you? Before selling a garment, we personally try it on and validate it.

We have a clear obsession with the feel of garments. They are extremely soft and this allows a lot of flexibility in your movements, if not, ask Rebeca, one of our ambassadors who is always in the air.

In addition, we have our "style" and we give a fresh and elegant touch to our garments although we all know that elegance comes from "the hanger".

Or not?

And we come to the end of our 2021 summary.

Visit our friends at Pádel Integra

We are especially excited to tell you about our visit to the Paddle Integra association, an inclusive project to make this sport available to everyone who wants it. We went to Seville to meet them, we took the opportunity to give them some Move & Bite t-shirts and we were lucky enough to be able to spend quality time watching what they do. Bravo for this great project and I hope to always meet you!

If you click on the photo, it will take you to his website so you can learn a little more about his work.

Andrés Mompin, the president of the association, the only one who does not carry a shovel 🤣

 November 16, Seville.

Crazy weekend!

5th Edition of the CRAZYPADELCUP Paddle Tournament

Marveled at what we experienced in this tournament. This time we couldn't participate due to logistical issues, but we didn't lack desire!

Sports, good vibes, music, laughter, great collaborators, we even participated in brand radio, nothing was missing!

From now on we will try not to miss a single edition, because we also like to have fun :) we encourage you to visit their profile @crazypadelcup and hallucinate a little.

Thank you great team for having Move & Bite!

November 16, 17 and 18, Cornellà (Barcelona).

We open a new point of sale in Barcelona!

And soooo good news! super happy to tell you that we have a new sales corner, along with @cobalto_boutique in the charming neighborhood of Gràcia, Barcelona. Behind this beautiful store there are two super enterprising women who lovingly take care of every detail and with whom we are super grateful to be able to collaborate. THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!
We encourage you to visit their website And if you are in Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate to pay them a visit :)

Here's to many successes together girls!

December 2,
Carrer de l'Oreneta, 2

Gracia (Barcelona)

Cáritas charity tournament

The dates have arrived when so many people need help and we wanted, as always when it is offered to us, to collaborate. We participated in a tournament led by our friend Juan Pablo in which 10% of our sales went to the organization that you will all know, Caritas. We couldn't be finalists but we were left with the satisfaction of being able to help!

December 18, Golf Park La Moraleja (Madrid).

Live training: pre-race activation warm-up with AVIFIT.

We do know. We say goodbye to the year in style with the AVIFIT team doing a very complete warm-up before you go out for a run, goodbye to unjustified pulling or soreness! (We don't promise that this last one will go away... :P) but we do believe it is necessary to activate our body and mind to prepare it for any race, no matter how short it may be!

Miki is a sports director and trainer at AVIFIT and defines himself as passionate about sports. They have a couple of sports centers in Granada. We encourage you to take a look at their account!

Thank you Miki for sharing your knowledge with us and our super Tribe!

December 31, Valencia.

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